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True Gender Roles

By El Che

In today’s alleged gender neutral society where divorce rates are above 50% and according to the Center for Disease Control, National Illegitimacy Rates are approximately 40%, it seems to me that the men and women in America have lost touch with ourselves and each other. What made our grandparents and great grandparent’s relationship last so long and ours not be able to withstand 1/3 of those hardships? What or who is to blame for the fact that if women have always been from Venus and men from Mars, for some reason, recently, we can’t both coexist on earth. I am not a relationships expert, or a psychologist, but I have been married, divorced, a womanizer, a family man, a faithful man, a liar, a wonderful lover and a friend. Hopefully one or more of these attributes qualifies me to speak on what I believe can grow or destroy a relationship.

Starting with Men:
Today, a lot of men seem to want it both ways. We want a freak in the sheets, good mother to our children, loyal woman, supporter, and personal chef. Yet, we want each of these attributes from many different women while we deceive each of them about the other’s existence. From experience, I have learned that this is the first and perhaps most fatal mistake. There is nothing wrong with liking the ladies, and if you need more than one to satisfy you, I can’t argue that you’re a bad person. For example Bob Marley, Martin Luther King Jr., etc. However, once you break trust in any relationship, it is nearly impossible to totally repair. Imagine squeezing a tube of toothpaste all over the wall, and then trying to put it back in the tube, without damaging it. Sometimes the things we squeeze out, we cannot replace. If you desire more than one woman, you’d be amazed at the results, if you were just open and honest about it. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have to deal with the resentment of their knowledge, but at least you won’t have to deal with the shock and awe of their discovery. A real man, is a protector, a provider, a counselor, and a servant of his community. I don’t believe any man should be as pretty as his woman and it also his responsibility to set the standard for acceptable behavior in his relationship and/or family. A man is an example to a woman of what men should be. A woman then reflects who you are as a man to the world.

A Woman’s Place:
Women please be warned, it would be a mistake to your life, spirit and relationship to ingest Western media and culture, to the extent that you lose touch with your nature as a woman. While men and women can approach many of the same tasks with the same level of intelligence, we have to acknowledge the fact that men and women are biologically different. Emotionalism is looked down upon as a negative trait when in actuality it can be a strength. Women’s intuition is real, and it saves lives! Think about the time when you were up to no good, and your mother or grandmother intervened because they had a “gut feeling.” If you are a woman, think about a “gut feeling,” that you had about a romantic partner only to realize that after you ignored it, your intuition was correct and could have saved you from heartache. Ladies, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, to be sensitive and to embrace your feelings. It is the role of a woman to emotionally protect her family and the relationships she values. Women often have sixth sense that I believe God bestows upon you as a warning to us. How many of you have ignored those dreams that seem so realistic only to see them come to past during consciousness. Don’t fear being viewed as weak by those who could never understand your true power anyway. A successful relationship is one in which a man and a woman are dependent on each other. A man will love any woman who makes him feel like he’s needed and a woman will love any man who makes her feel like she’s the best thing that ever happened to him.

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What Will We Tell Our Children?

Great Speech by Professor Griff (formally of rap group Public Enemy)

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14 Year Old Crashes Dad's SUV Into Gas Station

"I told you about them damn cell phones. That's why you don't have 1." lol!

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This is Hilarious: Kanye West Rants

What in the fuck is he talking about. smdh! lol...He's just going off on random shit during a show in NYC.

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Are Women Sexually Liberated, Or Just Confused?

(This is just something interesting I came across, especially for my female readers. Please leave some comments, thoughts, & opinions.)

We live in a highly sexualised society, one that has handed women the ostensible right to be as free, as wild and as pleasured as they wish. From the cultural looks of things, you’d think women were having sex round the clock. Agent Provocateur is a brand like no other. Soon it will add furniture and bed linen to its sales of erotic books, £175 handcuffs and the sort of sellout frillies seen on your favourite female fashion icons.

In China, vibrator manufacturers are one of the few industries weathering a global recession. Rampant Rabbit enthusiasts rave about the latest model, the bumper stickers on their cars proclaiming, “My other ride is a rabbit”. Sex toys are chic lifestyle accessories. Recently, a PR punting JimmyJane’s Little Something line of precious-metal vibrators closed her pitch with “Kate Moss bought the gold one”.

Older women are characterised as foxes or, the more predatory American term, cougars. Just work at it and you fortysomething pluses can retain a plumptious, fecund look well into middle age. If you don’t find that older-lady-loving junior down the pub, meet him online at the unequivocally named

We appear to be living in a golden age of female sexual awareness and fulfilment, doing anything and everything on top of what our sexually naive mothers and grandmothers apparently did out of duty or for a washing machine. Our favourite lady authors have written In Bed With, a collection of erotic stories that its editors, Kathy Lette and Imogen Edwards-Jones, call “female masturbatory material”. Nike sells sport to women with the promise that it will improve their sex lives. Even our favourite blusher, by Nars, is called Orgasm.

Performance anxiety

Yet, in among the glossy portrayal of our intimate moments, the truth about our sex lives is notoriously difficult to track — not least because people lie in surveys that are already suspect in their mission. What is clear is that women find the cultural environment a gigantic cause for performance anxiety. It wasn’t hard to find someone who had actually experienced the following scenario, outlined to me by Brett Kahr of the Society of Couple Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists: couple in bed, wife “down there” performing an “oral sex act”, husband neatly propped up on the White Company best, answering e-mails on his BlackBerry. And this very obvious example of the modern world entering the bedroom is only the proverbial tip. The window of Agent Provocateur is not the window into the sexual soul of British women, more’s the pity. Kahr’s study of 14,000 British people found that 21% of us have no sex at all, ? ?32% have it once a month and 44% once a month to once a week. According to these figures, women are having less of everything than men, except celibacy. And while the April cover of Cosmo screams, “Your orgasm! The secret to super satisfaction every time”, a Stanford University study found women in sexual liaisons orgasm only 80% as often as men, when, in theory, they could easily beat men hands down, as it were. Finally, in totally unscientific cyber-noseyiness, I posted something on Facebook asking women if they were “getting enough”. Most answered, “no”, citing the obvious, such as tiredness, stress, kids and lack of time and/or men.

Selling sex

Fifty years ago, in The Second Sex, Simone de Beauvoir described womanhood as a socially constructed activity; today, after several waves of feminism, and a recognised right to contraception, sexual pleasure and all that, we still find our sexuality defined by pop music, glossy magazines, advertising and pornography. Dr Petra Boynton, a sex psychologist, sees the very commercialisation that makes us seem so free as the reason we’re not satisfied. “The scented candles, the lingerie, the stuff — it doesn’t explain how anything works, it just presents a dream,” she says. “Sex has become mandatory, competitive and commercialised. Vested commercial interests suggest it could be great, if only you had their product.”

Are the women walking down the street proudly swinging their pink-and-black AP bags empowered, sexually charged and free, or are they just... shopping — our sexual empowerment often seems all about the bucks and not the actual bang. Joe Corre, the owner of Agent Provocateur, sees the brand as empowering — and on a fundamental level, who isn’t going to give three cheers for nice knickers? “Our ideal is to create a sense of sex and power, of celebrating femininity,” he says. But the pressure can be crushing. “Two years ago, on my birthday, I spent a lot of money in Agent Provocateur,” says a thirtysomething on her second marriage, including “handcuffs, stockings and several sets of lingerie. It was memorable for all the hope I pinned on it. My husband and I stayed in a hotel and I remember a great sense of disappointment that the sex wasn’t perfect”.

The idealised body

At Beautcamp Pilates, a chain of exercise studios that serves the very women who like to swing by AP to see what’s new in, there are whispers about women having the odd orgasm during class. Its workout machines, called reformers, involve taking a very coital position, legs spread wide in the air, in something like gynae stirrups. The owner, Dominique Day, is circumspect, however. “A few yummy mummies have admitted they come here as a replacement for sex,” he says, “because they are not getting any from their stressed husbands.” Meanwhile, Rowan Pelling, the sex commentator and writer, says the reason women aren’t getting enough is that they’re “too busy going to the gym when they should burn off those calories in bed”. The attempt to hone an idealised sexy body is certainly part of the passion-killing zeitgeist. Boynton says the commercialisation of sex as status symbol “sets up the idea that sex only happens in really pricey knickers. It excludes women. It’s an elitist model from which women without money or a certain body shape are excluded”.

A lovely-looking make-up artist in her mid-thirties agrees: “It’s all so competitive. Women are made to feel they have to look the part for ever, you can’t just let it go. My partner left me eight months after I had a baby, saying he ‘couldn’t feel a thing’. Deserted, I felt fat, saggy and unattractive. I find everyone, from Madonna to Kerry Katona, totally depressing, with their sparkly looks put down to ‘lots of fruit and veg’, when we all know it’s personal trainers, Botox and retouching.”

She goes on: “We’ve primped and preened so much that our bodies haven’t a whiff of a pheromone about them.” Charlotte Roche explores this in Wetlands, a novel about sex, shame and the mucky functions of her body. “My liberal feminist mother still didn’t teach me about masturbation or menstruation,” she says. “Even in front of my husband, I felt embarrassed about my body, I learnt from society that so many things about it are bad. A lot of men don’t think women have body hair, believing a shaved woman is normal. Porn women are shaved so you can see more. It is their work. But why do we have to copy porn? Ads and porn are nothing to do with real life, real-life sex is hairy and messy.”

Interestingly, in a recent Cosmopolitan survey, given the sentence “An unforgettable lover must?” to complete, 57% of respondents chose “love all my body”. Least popular was “have a big penis” — 5%. There is always that reassuring truism that, actually, men don’t care about cellulite and bikini lines. But interviewing on the streets of Brighton, Anna Richardson, the Channel 4 Sex Education show presenter, was appalled by the results. “We discovered teens are waxing all their pubes because they feel it’s what they should do and what boys want — guys are going on about it to them.” She goes on to describe boys’ reactions to hardcore porn and to images of normal female bodies. Take a guess which bodies they found shocking. “They can’t discern between porn fantasy and reality,” she says.

Adults, and female ones at that, are responsible. Boynton was invited to go on GMTV recently. “They wanted to do something about empowering women [sexually]. I said: ‘Let’s talk about the clitoris.’” They didn’t like that, “but they were having a pole-dancer on”. No wonder we’re paranoid. You can’t bang on about female self-esteem being the root of all sexual happiness, if everything in culture takes a big pop at it. Even apparently tough females are not immune. Take the rather terrifying duo of Lette and Edwards-Jones, the editors of the book In Bed With. Edward-Jones sees porn everywhere. “Pop videos are soft porn, really, which is intimidating if you aren’t 22 and can’t lick your own nipples. If you are constantly being told you are hairy and overweight in a sex-fetishised culture, it doesn’t make you feel very sexy.” Lette adds: “When I was researching How to Kill Your Husband, I learnt that women in this sexually liberated millennium are having less sex than our more repressed sisters from the straight-laced 1950s. Today, the pressure to stay young and nubile is soul-destroying. And, really, is there anything more ridiculous than a middle-aged woman waxing off her pubic hair to look prepubescent?”

What happened to love?

A divorcé describes his first forays into the 21st-century dating scene: “She wanted to shag like a porn star: longer, harder, bigger, better,” he says. “She used her Rabbit [vibrator] so much, orgasms were reserved for that efficient machine, then, when we were in bed, she was all, ‘Harder, harder’.” His female counterpart, a woman in her fabled “cougar” years, says she went on a fellatio course because “I was terrified I wouldn’t be good enough”. You’d think — hope — someone older wouldn’t be so insecure, right? Wrong. In fact, the cougar is a lesser-spotted urban myth, says Boynton. “A lot of them are buying into getting their act together, but haven’t thought ‘What turns me on?’ Many women want to learn deep-throat techniques, and I have to ask them, ‘Why? Why do you want to learn to relax your throat muscles?’”

Whatever happened to, ahem, making love? Richardson says: “Love has become a dirty word. We’re afraid to admit we want romance.”

“I used to f*** like a bunny, and was proud of it,” says a female hotelier, who describes a late-twenties transformation after she took a course with a Harley Street sex psychotherapist on how to get the best out of sex. “[After the course] I became more quality-controlled. And my partner was annoyed, because suddenly I didn’t see the point in giving it the whole showy thing.”

Paula Hall, a sexual psychotherapist and spokeswoman for Relate, says: “The sexualisation of the high street and media has left a lot of people with a lot more anxiety, a feeling of, ‘Oh God, there’s so much I don’t know.’ We’re selling just one model of female sex, which is raunchy, commanding, glossy and expensive. This thing of there being only one way of being — in your face, aggressive and masculine. People assume if they don’t fit the stereotype, then they don’t have it all. People need permission to be themselves again.”

The "Truth" About The Assassination Of MLK

The Assassination of Martin Luther King

April 4 of 67 Martin voiced opposition against the Vietnam War,
He also planned to march on Washington addressing the struggles of the poor,
Trying to inspire America to help citizens they generally ignore,
One year later it inspired America to murder him, because America is evil to the core.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

J. Edgar Hoover tried to force Martin to commit suicide,
By threatening him with pictures where his image was compromised,
They sent audio tapes of him with other women to Coretta to remove her from his side,
When none of this worked Hoover and the f.b.i. used homicide.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

J. Edgar Hoover felt he had this King problem solved,
When they decided to replace King with out being directly involved,
Sullivan said he knew an educator that would help this evolve,
He chose Samuel Proctor to groom a replacement if they could make King’s leadership dissolve.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

In the “Bureau” Sullivan said King’s replacement Samuel R. Pierce is an outstanding educator,
The only problem is that Pierce was a lawyer he’s closer to being a legislator,
When approached about this he had never talked to anyone about being such a perpetrator,
What Sullivan really meant, Dean Samuel Proctor would groom a replacement who would be an infiltrator.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

In 63’ at North Carolina A&T Samuel Proctor took Jesse Jackson under his wing,
Dr. Proctor was teaching Jesse how to be like Martin King,
When Jesse was there it wasn’t books he was studying,
It was Martin 101 and the science of informing.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

f.b.i. field office requested to wiretap the S.C.L.C. office in Chicago,
The f.b.i. headquaters response was no,
The f.b.i. already had Jesse in Chicago telling them all they wanted to know,
Jesse had been groomed for Martin’s replacement as mentioned in the f.b.i. memo.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

Martin snapped on Jesse days before he was shot,
No one had ever seen Martin get upset and hot,
In short he told Jesse leave me alone I know you want my spot,
To save their investment Jesse Jackson, the government carried out the assassination plot.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

Martin’s original plans were to stay at the white Holiday Inn,
The f.b.i. and the media made it look like a sin,
To save the sanitation protest he chose the black Lorraine motel again,
His room was changed from 1st to 2nd floor by white Jack Youngblood in blackface,
posing as an advanced security man.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

Jesse sent a message to the Invaders that they had to check out,
Because they would have to pay for their own rooms it sent the invaders in route,
Jesse then checked the rooms doing a last minute scout,
Because the Invaders had guns too and would have shot back without a doubt.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

Samuel “Billy” Kyles was an informant for the Memphis police,
King and his staff were headed to Kyles house for a feast,
He made sure that King had on a necktie and came out in one piece,
Then as he said moved from King’s side for a “clear shot” from the beast.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

Going to dinner Jesse refused to wear a necktie,
Memphis police inspector Sam Evans tells us why,
The memo said those without ties are one of our guys,
So Judas Jackson dressed his part and Martin King dies.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

America has always been sick and deranged,
So Martin sought to help the poor by giving us change,
He was said to be shot from a rooming house which is strange,
Because there were powder burns in Martin’s wounds which means the shot was close range.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

New York Times April 5, 1968, Jesse said if Martin hadn’t been leaning over the balcony he wouldn’t have been shot in the face,
At the time of the shooting Ernestine Campbell said she saw something that looked out of place,
She saw Jesse with one foot on the stairs bent over looking up shoving something in a handbag type case,
Maybe whatever is in the bag is what left the powder burns trace.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

Solomon Jones and Earl Caldwell’s testimony went ignored,
Because in light of the conspiracy it would bring discord,
They said the shot came from the bushes as swift as a sword,
At the time of the shooting the operator had a heart attack at the switch board.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

Dr. King had at least 2 entry wounds of the jaw and the throat,
Hospital attendant said there were 5 or 6 dime sized wounds something we should note,
Jerry Francisco found races of powder burns in the autopsy that he wrote,
Judge Joe Brown said “the bullets in the gun were not the bullets in Dr.King” end of quote.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

There were a team of army snipers in Memphis that day,
Ready to take orders from the green berets,
Invader infiltrator Marrell McColough worked for the c.i.a.,
The shot came from Raul not James Earl Ray.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

To get the shot from the rooming house the rifle’s butt
would have to be 6 inches into the wall,
At the time of the shooting Charlie Stevens was drunk from alcohol,
The f.b.i. used money and liquor to get him to say he saw Ray running in the hall,
So the f.b.i. held his story up so it wouldn’t stumble, pass out, or fall.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

Grace Walden proved the f.b.i. star witness told a lie,
She saw the man in the hall, it wasn’t Ray standing before her eyes,
So Mark Lane she and Ray’s attorney almost caused her to die,
By planning to send her to his other client Jim Jones to drink some cyanide.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

The Mafia connection can be traced through Frank Liberto,
Who had a brother in New Orleans that connected to Carlos Marcello,
Who was the New Orleans mob boss, which is where Raul and Ray would go,
Liberto over the phone said shoot him on the balcony and go to
New Orleans to collect your dough.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

There were 2 that got out of Memphis only 1 caught the blame,
Joseph Creighterdon put Jesse Jackson on his military plane,
James Earl Ray got out of Memphis in a white mustang,
Jesse left Memphis to replace Martin and acquire some new found fame.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

Glenda Grabo said Dr.King & J.F.K. was murdered by Raul,
James Earl Ray said the same some called him a fool,
Grabo identified Raul standing next to Oswald which is a researchers jewel,
Because as suspected he used Oswald & Ray as patsies and tools.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

They cut down the bushes in the middle of the night,
So when the sun rose again they were no longer in sight,
That’s tampering with a crime scene that ain’t right,
They destroyed the shooters nest and gave view of the rooming house before day light.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King.

Steve Cokely is an authority on these facts,
If you seek more information it’s him you should ask,
He researched Martin King’s assassination for the truth and for blacks,
He’s black people’s researcher that is sharp as a tack.

America has had over 30 years to come clean,
Now here’s the truth about who murdered Martin Luther King

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Dick Gregory Speaks Truth Pt.1-4

Some of the realist stuff you will ever hear.

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Yet Another Reason To Hate Larry Elder...Smh

That dude is an ass. He's just completely anti-black. It's insane. Props to Michael Eric Dyson tho.

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Tupac: Breaking The Oath

The real reason Tupac was killed.

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$55,000 a month for child support.....Smdh

I'm riding with Red & Meth on this one.

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"I Eats Da Pu**y"

Wow! Just watch. Lmao.......

Officer Ricky- Big C.O.

Beyonce- Big Ego (parody)

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"Nigga I Been Had Polo"

Fucking Hysterical! Yup its official....American society has fallen big time. Smdh..

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Operation Repo: "Just Beat It" (TruTv)

This Is Real Talk

The Dumbing Down of America
By David A. Schwinghammer

Was the London Daily Mirror really right? Are American IQs heading south?

During the third year of his administration Ronal Reagan formed a blue ribbon commission to study American education. According to Reagan, businessmen were complaining that their workers not being properly prepared. The results were published under the title “A Nation at Risk,” which described our educational system as lagging behind Europe and the Far East. Despite the fact that Reagan’s study was politically motivated (Conservatives hate all unions, especially the NEA, which provides most democratic campaign workers), what was said had some merit, only not the way the old redhead intended. It’s not our elementary and secondary schools that are responsible for the dearth of intellectual acumen in this country. Nation at Risk was comparing apples to oranges. Of course, American students didn’t do as well as the Germans and the Japanese. European students take a test around ninth grade that determines whether they will go on to gymnasium (college prep) or enter trade schools. Anybody can go to high school in the United States, even those that should go to trade school. Anybody can take the ACT test or the PSAT. Some kids take them who have no intention of going to college.

After the second Bush victory, The London Daily Mirror ran the headline "How Can 59,017,382 people be so DUMB?"
How could we elect the puppet governor of Texas in the first place? Why would the American working class vote against itself? Republicans are notoriously anti-labor union. They have consistently voted against the minimum wage and are doing everything in their power to eliminate employer funded health care and pension plans.

Well, I agree we’re not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier sometimes, but there are some more likely suspects than American education, which somehow manages to shake off the effects of secondary education and still provide the greatest advanced educational system in the world. Just ask all of the students who come here from other countries to study for their undergraduate and post graduate degrees. So, who then is responsible? There are more than ten culprits but let‘s settle for a nice round number:

1. Creationism and Intelligent Design. These people would like us to teach religion in our science classes alongside evolutionary theory. Scopes II declared creationism a religion. Scopes III ruled that Intelligent Design was the same as Creationism. The judge for Scopes III was appointed by Bush and recommended by Rick Santorum, formerly one of the most conservative congressman in America. Creationists believe that the Earth is only 6,000 years old. They interpret the Bible literally. Such an obvious refutation as the Grand Canyon is explained by using the Flood in the Bible. These people have also built a museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, where dinosaurs mingle with cave men. The museum claims 550,000 visitors in just over fifteen months.

2. Television. When Newton Minnow described television as a “vast wasteland” he was exaggerating just a bit. The major networks offered such quality shows as “Playhouse 90,” “Mr. Wizard,” “The Honeymooners,” just to mention a few. These days the average homeowner has access to over a hundred channels. He’s lucky if six of them offer programming that doesn’t make you want to gag. Reality television is the main culprit. Ozzie Osborne, Paris Hilton, “The Bachelor,” even “American Idol” with the unwatchable Simon Cowell serving as a judge, destroy brain cells on a regular basis. “The Bachelor” on its own has set a young woman’s perception of herself back fifty years.

3. Computers and video games. “Grand Theft Auto” is one of the most popular video games. Rather than boycott TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, how about some kind of regulatory commission when it comes to this kind of dreck. Computer sites can be blocked but too often parents are lax or kids can figure out how to get around the supposed safeguards. That stuff can rot your mind. Whose idea was it to equate pornography with first amendment rights? There’s quite a bit of difference between LADY CHATTERLY’S LOVER and “Debbie Does Dallas.”

4. Cell phones. People are walking into traffic talking on their cells. Every second driver I see on the road is talking on the phone. When I go to the supermarket, people are using their cells instead of a grocery list. They’re staring off into space as they talk. They bump into each other; they knock down the store displays. No, cell phones probably don’t cause cancer, but Stephen King wrote a book about them called THE CELL. It’s about a world wide plague that afflicts cell phone users, who are driven crazy by the dial tone. Stephen does not own a cell phone.

5. Rush Limbaugh and other conservative commentators. These guys aren’t journalists, yet twenty percent of Americans get their news from them. I like to watch the Doppler on rainy days. Unfortunately, the TV channel that shows the Doppler usually has a conservative blowhard talking in the background. I can feel myself getting dumber every time I watch.

6. Blogging and My Space. The Dredge report should be called the Drudge report. Who reads this stuff? Go get a journalism degree if you want to bore people with your opinions. At least you will have been taught about balancing your stories, avoiding bias and slanting. America needs to teach Lincoln Douglas debate in its high schools. Students must defend both sides of an issue, giving a presentation and defending their stand on rebuttal. In respect to My Space, shouldn’t you really have some accomplishment to brag about before you put yourself out there in front of the whole nation? Your choice in music or your fascination with Star Trek should not be enough of a reason. Your grandmother must be so proud.

7. Impatience. Americans want what they want now. Credit cards, fast foods, the newest computer, liposuction, face lifts. There’s a book called EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE by Daniel Goleman. In it he discusses an experiment called the marshmallow test. Four-year-olds were given a marshmallow; they were told they could have two if they waited for the experimenter to return from an errand before eating the first. Some ate the marshmallow almost immediately; others fought themselves for fifteen to twenty minutes, waiting for the experimenter to return. They were later tracked down as they were graduating from high school. Those children who were unable to put off gratification tended to be poor students, had a poor opinion of themselves, got in more fights, and were prone to jealousy and envy.

8. The Stearns County Syndrome. A study was done in Stearns County Minnesota in the late seventies concerning families who had no newspapers, magazines, or books in their homes. They were mostly Germans but that was probably just a coincidence. They did not do as well in school, they had lower I.Q.’s, and they were unconcerned about current events. Newspapers are in trouble because of the Internet and book readership is down. They say as many as 80% of those who read books are women. Women are crashing through the glass ceiling in hordes, getting elected to congress, and beating men in percentage of how many go to college. But there’s a proviso. Forty percent of Midwestern women read romance novels and that can’t be good.

9. Politics. Since when does a “C” average qualify a candidate for president? We had two of them running for office in 2004. Kerry’s grades were actually lower than Bush’s. Are the rest of us that average that we identify with these people and Joe the Plumber? McCain’s grades at Annapolis were not stellar. He finished near the bottom of his class. At least one of the two candidates in 2008 was an excellent student. They don’t make you president of the Law Review at Harvard unless you’ve got the goods. Despite the good grades, Obama is just as guilty of using misleading ads as McCain. Why can’t politicians just tell the truth and let voters make up their own minds? Because they don‘t trust you, that‘s why. Obama can’t run on a platform to improve black people‘s lives because he‘s afraid he‘ll offend whites. McCain has to pretend he supports the Christian Right to get the evangelical vote.

10. Spectator sports. How can you possibly watch five football games in a row on New Year’s Day without losing billions of brain cells? I’m a sports fan myself, but I have trouble these days making it through one game. I tend to check the scores periodically and read about it in the paper the next morning. Do a Crossword puzzle. They’re said to help open up new pathways in the brain. Besides, how can you stand to watch Terry Bradshaw and his buddies talk at each other?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Death of AARP (Death Of Autotune Spoof)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Clips From The MJ Memorial

This was definitely worth watching. The whole thing was very touching. Especially at the end when the family got spoke.

Barry Gordy Speaks

Wow...Stevie Wonder kills

Rev. Al Sharpton

Martin Luther King III & Bernice King Speak

Shaheen Jafargholi Performs

Usher Breaks Down Toward End of His Performance

The Family Speaks & Paris (MJ's 11yr old daughter) Speaks Publicly 1st Time Ever

Monday, July 6, 2009

Now That's Real F**king Talk

By Warren Ballentine, Esq

As I watch the television and listen to the radio I can’t help but think to myself;

WHAT WOULD MICHAEL THINK? About all the people who watched to see if the major black award show would honor our musical hero in all his musical glory, or would it be a show about self promotion and opportunity?
Would artists for just one night make it about the man, the icon, the gift that Michael Jackson was to everyone on the planet, or would they push themselves up front and promote tour dates, record labels, new cds and movies they were in.

WHAT WOULD MICHAEL THINK? About all the radio and TV interviews of people acting as if they knew the inner being of this man. A man who had given his life to his fans and to his family. All these people coming out talking about his behavior and how he may have died. The media using his death for ratings and how SONY stock has jumped and his record sales are through the roof.

WHAT WOULD MICHAEL THINK? About all the people who are selling his image on shirts and on the internet, who never once thought about his kids or his family and how that may affect them. Or, the folks who are coming forward and trying to stain this man’s legacy of greatness.

WHAT WOULD MICHAEL THINK? About all the fans that cried and are still crying at his passing. Or, the fans who are re-living their lives…for his music has been the soundtrack for so many people’s lives. And will someone say truthfully how he changed not only music but clothing fashion, hair styles, and race relations. I see all these people who have made money off this man in life and now I see all these people who are still making money and those who are trying to make money in his death and I just have to ask WHAT WOULD MICHAEL THINK?

Warren Ballentine Esq

Warren Ballentine is a lawyer and a nationally syndicated radio host and a regular on Sunday nights on the newsroom on CNN. The Warren Ballentine Show can be heard weekdays from 10AM-1PM. (check local market listings) or visit


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rest In Peace to King of Pop Michael Jackson

It's always good to see real musicians doing their thing. Check out this dope MJ tribute put together by Dwele. He's doing his version of my favorite MJ track of all time "Human Nature."