Monday, July 6, 2009

Now That's Real F**king Talk

By Warren Ballentine, Esq

As I watch the television and listen to the radio I can’t help but think to myself;

WHAT WOULD MICHAEL THINK? About all the people who watched to see if the major black award show would honor our musical hero in all his musical glory, or would it be a show about self promotion and opportunity?
Would artists for just one night make it about the man, the icon, the gift that Michael Jackson was to everyone on the planet, or would they push themselves up front and promote tour dates, record labels, new cds and movies they were in.

WHAT WOULD MICHAEL THINK? About all the radio and TV interviews of people acting as if they knew the inner being of this man. A man who had given his life to his fans and to his family. All these people coming out talking about his behavior and how he may have died. The media using his death for ratings and how SONY stock has jumped and his record sales are through the roof.

WHAT WOULD MICHAEL THINK? About all the people who are selling his image on shirts and on the internet, who never once thought about his kids or his family and how that may affect them. Or, the folks who are coming forward and trying to stain this man’s legacy of greatness.

WHAT WOULD MICHAEL THINK? About all the fans that cried and are still crying at his passing. Or, the fans who are re-living their lives…for his music has been the soundtrack for so many people’s lives. And will someone say truthfully how he changed not only music but clothing fashion, hair styles, and race relations. I see all these people who have made money off this man in life and now I see all these people who are still making money and those who are trying to make money in his death and I just have to ask WHAT WOULD MICHAEL THINK?

Warren Ballentine Esq

Warren Ballentine is a lawyer and a nationally syndicated radio host and a regular on Sunday nights on the newsroom on CNN. The Warren Ballentine Show can be heard weekdays from 10AM-1PM. (check local market listings) or visit


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